Occupational Therapy

Carrie Hardie

Master of Occupational Therapy; Bachelor of Nursing.

Carrie is an enthusiastic and passionate OT with a degree from The University of Sydney. She has previously enjoyed a fulfilling career within the NSW health system as a registered nurse.  Her 15 years’ experience as a paediatric nurse gives her a unique skill set to help her clients and their families reach their full potential. Carrie has been dedicated to working with children at Kidspoint where she enjoys helping children reach developmental milestones and overcome challenges impacting their occupational engagement.

During her role at Kidspoint, Carrie developed a passion for helping teens increase their independent living skills, engage with their academic demands and build meaningful connections to their communities. A gap in the services that catered specifically for adolescents on the Central Coast was identified and Carrie is proud to be part of the team developing this unique service through Health Point. Through this role she is dedicated to increasing individual skills, adapting environments and supporting community connections relevant to  the unique goals of her amazing clients.

Carrie is a busy working mum with three children of her own. This means she understands the demands of a working household and is able to generate treatment plans that are achievable given busy lifestyles. She understands that productivity and school work are important occupations for adolescents, but also sees the value in social connections and leisure occupations towards holistic development.

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